Who is Universal Surveillance Systems (USS)?

Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) is a national supplier of security camera systems to "major" retailers. USS imports security tags from Hangzhou Century Plastic and Electronics (Hangzhou, China), and camera equipment from manufacturers in Taiwan. Typically, USS hires local contractors for installation and maintenance.

USS lacks significant technical expertise. Instead, the USS operation has been almost completely dependent on the profit received from deceptive business practices, especially when at the expense of local contractors. In some instances, clients have been complicit in these activities. It is very troubling, that otherwise mainstream retailers, would knowingly be involved with a company known for using these practices.

Universal Surveillance Systems has earned the Geeks Informed Smell Test rating of Very Stinky.

Universal Surveillance Systems also operates with the business names "LP4LP‎", "Ussi Elm One‎", "Aegis Security", "Jagerhorn", "Ussi Elm Two‎", "BMS", and "Victorville Rl", all from the same address with the same business officers.

Corporate Address:

Universal Surveillance Systems
11172 Elm Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-7670
Phone: (909) 484-7870
Website: UniversalAS.com