Mission Statement

Mission: one of the reasons that the IT services industry is so prone to corruption is because the industry is so fragmented. Most everyone on the worker-bee side is a freelancer.

Over time, many of the coordinating companies have come to believe that screwing the contractor is within their rights. The contractor should feel lucky if they ever get paid. For many contractors who have worked in this environment for several years, this situation is "normal".

This needs to change.

It was bad enough when small "fly-by-night" companies were prowling the industry. But much more disturbing, are Fortune 100 companies that are now, indirectly participating in the activity. It is not OK to knowingly hire another company to commit a crime.

The first step to address the fragmentation of the Geek Community is communication. If Geeks are aware of the actions of the coordinating companies, good and bad, then the Geek can act accordingly.

The next needed step is a measured amount of oversight by the federal government. The best situation would have been a healthy free market. In this case, that plan has resulted in a Mafia-esque technical services market. This is not a local problem. Companies in rural "friendly" municipalities are commiting grand larceny nationally. These locale have not been chosen at random. Without intervention, this situation will surely worsen.

That is the purpose of this blog:

keeping Geeks Informed.


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