Recent Article Series

This is a list of articles published concerning the National Service Organizations.

As consumers become savvier about the problems with NSO companies, two trends are occurring:

  • Consumers are recognizing the benefits of hiring locally, and avoiding the participation in this type of activity.

  • Responsible companies are monitoring the NSO companies with whom they do business, and avoiding the ones with questionable reputations.

  • Responsible companies realize that they will ultimately be held accountable for the NSO behavior.

    Who is Geeks on Time? : In December 2008, "Media Awareness International", a Nevada corporation, acquired Geeks On Time. Very little is known about Media Awareness International, but the CEO and Chairman of Media Awareness International is Venus McNabb, who held the same positions with Geeks on Time.

    Who is Prism Pointe Technologies? : The story of Prism Pointe Technologies problems is closely related to failure of a business partner, MPC Computers in Nampa, Idaho (formerly Micron Computers). You may be more familiar with Gateway Computers. In 2007, Gateway Computers sold its government and industrial division to MPC Computers.

    MPC Computers is currently in bankruptcy liquidation, and was sued by Prism Pointe in August of last year. MPC Computers owes Prism Pointe more than $730,000. Coincidentally, Prism Pointe stopped paying their bills last spring.

    Recession Plus Corruption Spells Doom for National Service Organizations : Unfortunately, the series is not comprehensive. Other corrupt service organizations are out there. As companies become more responsible, hopefully the need for this type of campaign will diminish.

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