Who is Geek Housecalls?

Geek Housecalls, Inc.
7 Cypress Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
email: dehlke@geekhousecalls.com

MA: 781-863-8111
RI: 401-351-8111
Toll Free: 1-877-4PC-GEEK (472-4335)

Web: www.geekhousecalls.com
Blog: www.geekablog.com
BBB Rating: A+

Geek Housecalls (GH) was a founded in July of 1999 by Andy Trask and Dave Ehlke. Geek Housecalls was once sued by Geek Squad (Best Buy), who asserted control of the use of the word "Geek".

In recent years, GH acquired "Home PC Networks", and "Downcity Systems", both regional service companies in New England.

Geek Housecalls employs 9 full-time, and 20 part-time tech support employees.

Geek Housecalls has earned the Geeks Informed Smell Test rating of Smells OK.

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