Who Is Geek Choice?

Geek Choice (GeekChoice.com) was founded in 1996 and began franchising in 2007. They provice IT service nationwide. Geek Choice is headquartered in Boston. Their trademark is the Toyota Scion XB vehicles that the technicians utilize.

Geek Choice had some bad publicity as the result of a contractor stealing equipment from a customer, and as a result of their response to the incident.

Geek Choice has earned the Geeks Informed Smell Test rating of Somewhat Stinky.

Corportate Address:

Geek Choice
35A Myrtle
Boston, MA 02114
(61) 778-2302

2 Discussion:

Susan said...

Before you call these guys, be sure to Google them. They've a bankruptcy on their record, and a colorful history of allowing technicians to steal money and computer equipment, and then claiming it's not their responsibility and tough luck.

Shop local. In the Portland, OR area, there's 0101dreams.com. The owner used to be a 1099 contractor with Geek Choice, until he left them because Geek Choice wanted him to charge an elderly couple $150.00 to replace the batteries in their wireless keyboard. They prey on the technophobes and tech-disabled. Trust only local technicians. When you call the number advertised, ask who payment is made to. If it's Geek Choice? My advice is keep looking. You'll find someone dependable like I did.

Chris said...

You know what? I currently work for geek choice and all of our clients are well aware of the charges for the service BEFORE the technician gets to the house/office. It is a 150.00 MINIMUM for service.. no matter if it takes 3 minutes or the full hour. 50.00 for the service call, and a 1 hour minimum fee.
It's not "PREYING" on anyone... I'm sorry but by this day and age if the customer cannot have sense enough to check there wireless keyboard for a dead battery before calling a technician and AGREEING to a 150.00 minimum charge then it is no ones fault but there own. First they have to pay me (the tech) for wasting my time and money driving or taking public trans (i live in NYC) to the location, next they have to pay the people that answer the phones and take the service call.
While I will agree that there prices are a bit high, I also have to emphasize on the fact that the customers are WELL aware of the price before hand.